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Buy Water tanks for tanks direct banner homepage

2 Drum Spill Pallet

£145.00 ex vat

250 Litre GRP Water Tank

£146.67 ex vat

350 Kg Marquee Weight

£135.00 ex vat

200 Litre Conical Tank

£125.00 ex vat

15000 Litre Non Potable Water Tank

£1550.00 ex vat

350 Kg Gazebo Weight

£135.00 ex vat

15000 Litre Molasses Tank

£1930.00 ex vat

50 Litre Water Tank

£39.17 ex vat

1000 Litre Water Tank

£260.00 ex vat

Enduramaxx 14000 Litre Water Tank - Non Potable 172128

£1375.00 ex vat

120 Litre Rectangular Drinking Trough

£125.00 ex vat

150 Litre Water Tanks - Rectangular

£75.00 ex vat



Buy Water Tanks Online - Tanks Direct

Tanks Direct are an online ecommerce shop, offering above and below ground plastic water storage tanks, GRP (fibreglass) cold water tanks, galvanised steel water storage tanks and a range of food grade water containers that are suitable for potable (drinking) water, chemical storage, waste water and general cold water storage.

Our plastic tanks are made from UV stabilised high quality MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene), the tanks are hardwearing, weatherproof and long-lasting. If the tanks are being used to store or transport drinking water then the tanks need to be listed as suitable for potable water.

We sell competitively priced water tanks available to buy securely online, backed up by excellent customer care.  We offer UK and International delivery.  Our water tanks have a wide range of uses in domestic and commercial installations.


Our baffled water tanks are suitable for car valeting, window cleaning and general water storage, the upright round tanks are generally used in agriculture and make excellent rainwater harvesting tanks, the underground water tanks are used for pump stations, rainwater harvesting, sewage and water storage, most of our MDPE tanks are suitable to store a wide range of chemicals.

IBC tanks (intermediate bulk container) are a popular water tank that can be used for car valeting, water storage and water transportation, they are even used as water tank weights for marquees.


The WRAS approved GRP litre cold water tanks we supply are suitable for the storage of drinking water and are suitable for outdoor use. The GRP tanks can be supplied un-insulated (single skin) or insulated with 25mm or 50mm PU foam insulation.

Also available are a range of flexible bladder tanks that can be used as temporary water storage tanks, agricultural sprayer tanks and trailer tanks.
We can also supply a wide range of valves, outlets and accessories to most of our plastic and GRP water tanks.



High Quality MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene)
Strong and Durable
Resistant to most chemicals and oils
UV Stabilised
Easy to add additional fittings and valves


Common Uses

General water storage
Car Valeting
Window cleaning
Chemical storage
Potable drinking water storage (where shown)
Rainwater harvesting
Cold water Loft tanks
Diesel Storage